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Paying tribute to the era and embracing change丨Leapting Technonlgy won the 2022 "Solar Energy Cup" Most Potential Growth Award

On February 15th, the 2023 "Solar Energy Cup" New Year's Sharing Session and the 2022 10th Photovoltaic Industry Awards Ceremony hosted by SOLARBE was grandly held at Shangri-La Hotel, Suzhou Industrial Park, Suzhou.


This forum invited many industry leaders to share their industry experience and business wisdom on key topics such as "Intelligent manufacturing and efficient technology, new industrial supply-chain ecosystem, overseas market expansion and challenges". Mr. Bruce Wang,chairman and general manager of Huzhou Leapting Technology Co., Ltd., and founder of PV CTO was invited and delivered an opening speech.


Mr. Bruce Wang said in his speech: "We have seen many technological innovations and growth in the both field of post-Perc technology of photovoltaic modules and photovoltaic energy storage due to photovoltaic innovators hard working for a year. After more than ten or even twenty years of development, especially in the last ten years, China's photovoltaic technology has been in the worldwide leading position. Especially in the field of technological innovation, we promote the sharing of original technologies and hope to improve the competitiveness of the whole industry through our joint efforts. "


The development of the NE industry is inseparable from technological innovation and talent boosting. At present, China's NE industry is at a stage of rapid development. All fields are striving to promote technological innovation and development, and photovoltaic technology has gained a leading position in the world. In his speech, Mr. Bruce Wang fully affirmed the development achievements of China's photovoltaic technology and called on everyone to work together to promote the sharing and innovation of industry technology and promote the development of the entire industry. Here, we also pay high tribute to all the people who are committed to the development of the NE industry and thank them for their tireless efforts and contributions to promoting industrial reform.


On the second day of the forum on February 16, hundreds of NE leaders, entrepreneurs and photovoltaic practitioners from all over the country gathered together to share the trend prediction, management experience around the "Double carbon" cause, and negotiate to improve the industrial ecology. At the awarding ceremony night, Leapting technology won the first annual heavyweight award - the "Most Potential Growth Award". Mr. Bruce Wang, General Manager of Leapting Technology, accept the award and delivered the award speech, "I hope that one day, robots can play great role in photovoltaic power stations to complete all work such as realizing intelligent installation, intelligent operation and maintenance for creating a real blue sky for people. Leapting Technology will continue to strengthen technological innovation,product research and development with hundreds of new energy leaders, entrepreneurs and photovoltaic practitioners. Contribute to the sustainable development of the new energy industry, and strive to change from" The Most Potential Growth "to" The Most Competitive enterprise ".


In the global "Carbon Neutrality" wave, the photovoltaic industry has ushered in an unprecedented historical development opportunity and entrusted with a major historical mission. As a photovoltaic intelligent equipment supplier with independent core technology, Leapting Technology adheres to the core values of "Integrity creates quality, Innovation leads the future", and makes continuous efforts to enable customers to use photovoltaic clean energy more efficiently. Help the development of a new round of industrial revolution based on new energy and intelligent manufacturing!